15 Changes In 15 Days That’ll Keep You Engaged Until The Curfew Ends (Probably Later Too!)

With the excitement of just 15 days left until the lockdown ends (in India,) some have made their peace with staying indoors, while for some, the days are stretching far too long; I can’t agree more– it’s pretty boring. But we can’t ignore the bigger picture, and there’s no reason why we must not use the remaining 15 days to better ourselves that we’ll be thankful for later on.

Treat your boredom as a luxury until you can.

It is all about a positive mindset and using this time that we have on our hands to add some changes to our lifestyle and come out of quarantine way better than before. We have all heard about the saying that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and replace it with a new one, but with 6 days gone, let’s not plunder the remaining left.

Here are the 15 changes that ought to be a part of your lifestyle if they are still not.

1. Take A Day Out To Fast

Fasting may not be as easy as it sounds, or for others, it may sound rather easy but gets tougher as they delve into it. There are numerous benefits of fasting that you can look up in my previous blog, Why Is The Lockdown A Great Time To Observe A Fast? But trust me, going on a fast is harder when we are on the go. Set at least a day in these 15 days to go on a fast– don’t rush into water fasting but start slow. Crush your goals as you progress.

This lockdown has had us all bingeing all day long. It’s time to break it.

And if you can stretch this habit throughout the year, you’ll notice all that you didn’t think your body can do.

2. Shower Before You Have Breakfast

Breakfast in bed has, quite honestly, become a regular thing for the past couple of days. Besides having a negative impact on your body, according to Ayurveda (that I have chosen not to bore you with), it makes you super lazy and hence, procrastination becomes our friend.

Work from home might seem like a paradise for most of us, but it’s not– simply for the fact that it’s hard to stick to. Showering will do the trick, undoubtedly.

3. Drink Water!

Not because it is important, because, who really cares? But because we are bingeing constantly! and if you can’t really stop the binge, try bingeing on water. It’ll soon become a habit, and you won’t be able to resist the “temptation” to drink up ever– it is a personal experience.

And now you can google the added benefits of drinking.

Can’t deny, it’s a win-win situation.

4. Move Your Body

I mean, this is a universal truth that not many people follow, really, but even a 20-minute workout would really have a positive impact on your overall well being.

Now that we are out of our busy schedules, there might not be enough excuses left for us to skip it. It’ll probably develop into a habit because the after-effects are quite addictive.

5. Cook or Bake…A Lot

Not only will it make you your mom’s favorite child but we’ll also be more aware and conscious. We don’t really know what’s going into our bodies most of the time, and with the restaurants all shut, there’s no time better than this to develop a skill.

Cooking or baking would not only make you feel a bit productive about yourself, but you’ll be shocked that you actually enjoyed it. It’s an amazing stress buster and when you cook your own food, you will definitely make healthier choices.

6. Read

Read a bit more even if it is a newspaper or a blog you need to find your recipes on!

7. Skin/Hair Care

It is all over the place that the pollution levels have gone down considerably and you might feel that for yourself too.

Setting a simple skincare routine may help you elevate your game and amplify your progress with skin/hair conditions that must already be feeling a lot better since the dip in the pollution levels.

Make sure you are not going overboard with this and do not worry about the unavailability of skin products– look into your kitchen and make some DIYs.

Once you are pro at it, you wouldn’t worry about spending too much on other products.

8. Meditate

It is tough as hell and your mind would not really sync with how you plan it to be, often wandering off to a million other things, but it’s all about practice. The longer you do it the better you’ll get at it. Do it before bedtime, or as soon as you wake up.

Now that we all have increased our screen time too, we better get pretty good at meditating.

9. Love Yourself As Much As You Should

Because most of us don’t really do it and the other half of the lot won’t really accept it.

10. To-Do List

We only made to-do lists or “time-tables” when we were kids and stuck it on our cupboards or above our desks (and which skipped our minds just after a few days. or hours.)

But life was much easier then. So, adult-up.

Not only will you feel more organized and have a clearer picture in your mind about the tasks you have to do, but if you have even a bit of conscience, the list will be hanging like a sword on your neck. It will haunt you and you’d know there’s no getting away with it.

Target achieved!

11. Watch A Documentary

If you are the kind of person who knows every single line from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, take some time out and watch something informative (even if it’s for 10 minutes before you hit the bed.)

12. Do Something You Don’t Enjoy Doing

It could be making your own bed in the morning. Folding clothes. Washing dishes. Watering a plant. Feeding your pet. Dusting your house. Literally Anything.

13. Organize Your Wardrobe/Dressing Table

Most of us are too cool to keep our clothes in order and we sort of throw it in like it’s no one’s business.

But, this time is superb to clean our wardrobes and discard the stuff we no longer need so that when we go out next, we know we have some space waiting up!

14. Eat A Salad

Come On, how hard can it be? Start with not replacing it with your meals. Instead, include it in. Another great way is to consciously sneak it into your food (now that you can cook!)

15. Drink Ginger And Mint Tea

Herbal teas are great but not the sachets you buy from the market. Create your own tea recipe by adding a few spices and drink your way up to a healthier immune system.

Meanwhile, allow yourself to be educated on different spices that you can use and then use them.

With the list coming to an end, you might want to take up a few of these habits or even none at all; you might even want to create your own personal list (which is even better!) However, it’s not a finish line to be crossed, but a lifestyle to be lived.

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