The Stages Your Body Go Through When You Fast

It’s not for me to emphasize the value of a properly performed fast and what it can do to your body, mind, and soul (considering I ventured on a similar path myself a few days ago during the lockdown.) This path speaks for itself.

13 Amazing Turmeric Benefits For Healing

There has been no better time than NOW, to educate yourself on your own health and I don’t see the reason why you must not experiment with certain dietary additions (and subtractions!) while many of us are trying to spend time cooking for themselves!

Canine Coronavirus: A Dog Was Tested Positive For COVID-19

I was immediately inflicted by several questions: “Can we infect them?”, “Can they infect us?”, “What precautions must be taken?”, and “How to keep them safe?”

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What’s Wrong With Food Shaming: Not Minding Your Own Plate

“I would rather die than go on a diet like that.” “This meal looks very depressing.” “Great diet. Having energy drinks and chewing some fresh air!” “Her plate has a ton of food to feed an entire family….of ants!” “How are you eating that? I thought you always ate clean!” “Intermittent/Keto/OMAD is the best diet…

The 5 Surprising Coronavirus Edition Of What’s True and What’s Not

Recently, the WHO termed the Coronavirus as a pandemic, and this title comes with a lot of responsibility. It is, therefore, important to know what’s true and what’s not to avoid any trepidation among people.

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If You Are Confused About The Keto Diet, This Is For You.

The low carb diet may sound easy, but that doesn’t mean you can gorge on french fries. It specifically focuses on the good kinda fat (does a thing like that even exist?) and protein, of course.

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