5 Steps To Ditch Guilt: Stop Feeling Bad About Eating

Happiness can be edible, whether it is brownies or chocolates and all food must be enjoyed. The only thing that matters is to ditch the guilt and strengthen your relationship with food. And this why you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating certain foods…

Do Not Mistake Coronavirus/ COVID-19 For Common Flu

Going through the common cold and flu season is difficult enough, but within a month we all have had our researches up to the mark and we know how the coronavirus and common flu symptoms have a significant overlap.

Vegan Zucchini Bread That’ll Save You 100 Calories!

Vegan and without artificial sweeteners, this zucchini bread cuts back on fat, cholesterol and complicated ingredients. This bread is full of zucchini, more than the typical recipe, but this is what makes it healthier yet flavorful.