8 Ayurvedic Tips To Survive Cold And Flu Season

There is no time and reason for the cold and flu season especially now when the world is going through a global pandemic. 2020 is all about how we can boost immunity and I find no better way than to rely on good old Ayurveda for this.

5 Reasons You Are Drinking Milk The Wrong Way (And How To Avoid Them)

Milk probably is the only food that has all the nutrients to nourish your body irrespective of your age. However, 90 percent of people drink milk the wrong way which is why instead of getting benefits from this superfood, they face digestion problems, allergies, skin problems, bloating, weight gain, and other digestive issues.

4 Amazing Ghee Benefits: Why Not To Fear Ghee

Foods that were eaten by our ancestors are making a huge comeback. And it’s for good. They have incredible benefits for health and have been used for ages. One such thing that makes its mark is the amazing clarified butter or ghee benefits, which is not only packed with nutrients but is free of milk…

9 Easy Steps To Choose Your Ideal Diet Yourself

Choosing a healthy and ideal diet for yourself can be a pretty entertaining venture, but also overwhelming and intimidating at times. There are probably over a hundred different ideal diet theories out there on the internet which promotes diet for weight loss or other health conditions. It can be daunting to choose just one diet…

Easy 3 Ingredient Immunity Booster Detox Tea: Ginger, Peppermint, Lime

Detox tea using easily available ingredients is essential to drink especially to boost immunity during this flu/COVID-19 season. Ingredients such as ginger, peppermint, and lime would not only boost immunity but also protect from a host of viral infections, soothe a scratchy throat, elevate headaches, and clear out any form of congestion.

19 Massive Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Are Hampering Your Weight Loss

Starting on something isn’t easy, especially if it is a lifestyle change like Intermittent fasting for your weight loss goals. I, too, experimented a lot to reach my personal goals with the Intermittent fasting. There are some strict rules that must be followed to achieve maximum benefits in your fitness journey (specifically when the goal…

6 Reasons That Are Making Healthy Eating Too Complicated

Being healthy, and healthy eating, in particular, seems doable at first. All you have to do is eat more veggies, skip KFC, exercise, and sleep enough. However, it gets more complicated than that as you begin to follow the pattern.