An Ayurvedic Path to Female Empowerment

The past few months have been an incredible metamorphosis in my experiments with fitness. Moreover, I have been of help to countless women who are trying to better themselves, not just physically, but emotionally too. However, this post is not about me, but the incredible women who have reached out in a way or another.

The fact that women are not just looking to “have-it-all”, or “doing-it-for-the-betterment-of ________ (fill in the blank)” is quite motivating in itself because what connects them is not just the gender, but a place of courage and inner erudition that has long been ignored.

The women of today don’t feel the need to prove and that’s because they actually don’t care. Many are above that “paradigm”. And all that these women want, despite their age, background, or sexuality, is their health and mind with their soul leading the way.

As for me, I might not even be “paper-qualified” to talk about Ayurveda, but being born out of the same soil, we do share a deep ancestral relation.

Experiment. Experience. Mindset. That’s all it took for me to engage Ayurveda in a way to dust off the debris that had covered my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. But Ayurveda does not work like a healing stone but it forces you to reflect, restore and recreate with respect to this life and the one beyond. And this is specifically what women are yearning- an equilibrium.

This is how Ayurveda works to connect the mind with the matter for a newfound balance.

  1. Gut cleansing is where it all begins.
  2. There is a profound relationship between the gut and the mind.
  3. It is all about creating a clean slate where the mind and the matter can reunite.

The plain logic that becomes the quintessence of all the Ayurvedic practices is the alignment of mind and body. Various kinds of nitis, tongue scraping, oil pulling, or oil massages may seem like an unnecessary way to start the burgeoning vehemence of the day but for all its potency, these tricks work. Drinking tea with cumin, fennel or carom seeds may not top the charts in your local coffee shop. Eating “superfoods” like Gooseberries, Goji Berries or Ashwagandha Root might not be on your to-do list. But guess what? Re-doing that to-list list will make all the difference.

More than often are we suggested keeping it simple by focusing on “one thing at a time”. But why just one? That’s because when we make that one thing a habit, we can easily move on to do the next one thing. And before we even know it, all these little things pile up to represent our lifestyle. That’s all just from that one thing we did that one time.

So, here is a list of all those ONE things, that will help you make all the difference:

  1. Ditch Bulletproof Coffee and switch to CCF Tea: Cumin. Coriander. Fennel. These are the three magic herbs that will support your digestion. Boil all the three herbs together and drink up the concoction first thing as you wake up. (Bonus Tip: Make sure you boil your water the right way: The Ultimate Guide for Drinking Hot Water)
  2. Replace your evening snack for Triphala: The three berries –Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki- have been in the books of Ayurveda for time being. It has numerous benefits other than just being an antioxidant. It aids in digestion and works to promote a healthy immune system. It has known to work wonders in detoxifying the body too.
  3. Oil Massages: Self massages are better than coffee in the morning to wake up your whole system. It helps to increase the blood flow, stimulate the metabolism and nourishes the largest organ of your body, the skin. All this leads to flushing the toxins in the body. That’s all it takes. A simple self-massage.
  4. Oil Pulling: There are numerous benefits of oil pulling for over-all oral health. It reduces bacteria in the mouth, bad breath, inflammation, and tooth sensitivity. Typically, coconut or sesame oil is used for this process. It is better than the mint mouthwash.
  5. Tongue Scraping: Using a tongue scraper can make your oral routine go a notch higher easily and effectively. For best results, use a copper one. Other suggested metals are gold and silver (but only if you REALLY want to treat yourself on women’s day!)
  6. Nasya Oil: Nasya oil is a kind of herbal infused oil that is known for its nurturing and nourishing benefits. Putting oil in the nose is a great way to combat problems like sinus and other ENT related issues.
  7. Wake up with the sun and Suryanamaskar: Sunrise is considered the most auspicious and relevant time to wake up in Ayurveda. Make the most of it by including some Suryanamaskar or meditating techniques to it.
  8. Get to bed early: Sleeping can be one of the best healers. Just like fixing up your alarm clock, set a bedtime too and stick to both of them. Practice “E-fasting”, which is simply switching off your electronics 45 minutes before your bedtime.

This list is hardly extensive and a great way to kick-start your healing practices. I also wrote a blog about “The Ayurvedic Way of Waking Up“, which describes some of the above-mentioned points in a more elaborative way.

Just a last piece of advice that I have made sure to follow along my journey: a conscious effort to listen to my body. For I feel, being true to your own self is the only way to lift the veil of illusions, “one thing” at a time.

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