Do Not Mistake Coronavirus/ COVID-19 For Common Flu

Going through the common cold and flu season is difficult enough and with the addition of a new outbreak, your head might be swarming with a lot of questions about how to tell both these viruses apart. And naturally, when to get yourself tested considering how expensive they are!

coronavirus and common flu

How Does Coronavirus Correspond to the Flu?

Within a month we all have had our researches up to the mark and we know how the COVID-19 and common flu symptoms have a significant overlap.

Some of the common symptoms include fever, persistent cough, breathing difficulties, and other respiratory problems, fatigue, etc. Especially for this sinister pandemic, doctors have recommended to watch out for these symptoms, specifically when it ranges from moderate to severe.

Here’s the difference. The flu can make you feel like you have the worst cold in your life, however, the symptoms tend to come rather abruptly. The subsequent cold develops gradually with the addition of fever, chills and body aches.

coronavirus and common flu

Now, since the flu shares more commonalities with the coronavirus, the key differentiating factor is the patient’s exposure history especially those who have been out and about in the infected counties like China, Japan, Iran, and Italy.

A few days ago I wrote about Why Are You Likely To Develop The Coronavirus, if you are still not 100 percent sure about the condition.

Coronavirus or not, difficulty in breathing is always a matter of concern and if it is serious, there’s nothing that must stop you from your visit to the doctor. Although fever and cough are common, shortness of breath indicates a more significant form of COVID-19 or the flu. Shortness of breath in any form is a red flag, negligence of which can also lead to pneumonia and other complications that can be fatal. Even though the headlines about the people dying from the pandemic are appalling (check out the current updates here,) the estimated fatality rate (which can tend to change in future) for coronavirus is 2 percent, while for flu it’s 0.1 percent.

Apparently, no true denominator can be picked out either especially with the rise of asymptomatic cases all over the world and with the focus on more apparent and severe cases.

Can Coronavirus Be Confused For the Common Cold?

The common cold is more annoying than agonizing and many a time confused with allergies; it is also the most underrated respiratory infections. Not only do the symptoms appear gradually, but they are also short-lived too. It will last up to seven to ten days while the symptoms of flu last for at least two weeks.

coronavirus and common flu

Even if it just cold and especially, for now, it is a more prudent choice to stay at home. A majority of people are either asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms which might not make them feel “sick” leaving the strain of coronavirus undetected.

How Do You Know It Is The Time To See a Doctor?

The amount of people getting tested has been increased but the access is still limited, especially for the people who fall on the borderline of the economic structure.

Here are certain guidelines that have been made public:

  • Call your doctor first before you make a visit if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and believe you have been exposed to COVID-19. This is how they can take precautions and not spread the virus to other people. To minimize the risk, consulting the doctor virtually has also been caught up in the trend.
  • Elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic medical conditions or parents tending to their children having flu-like symptoms must immediately seek medical advice.

For now, remember that the best thing you can do for yourself and for others around you to minimize the risk is to wash your hands properly, keep the surfaces at your home and your surroundings clean and stay put. Here’s What You Can Do To Keep Coronavirus at Bay.

coronavirus and common flu

Don’t worry about feeling stranded because there’s a lot of positive things you can draw out of such a situation. Here is a list of What You Can Do During the Lockdown.

Also, if you want to make some positive changes in your lifestyle, now is the best time. I wrote about some changes you can make to keep yourself engaged during this lockdown period and you can read it here.

Meanwhile, try to stay away from the unnecessary panic and trouble that has been caused by the strings of misinformation floating all around the internet. It is wise to make yourself and those around you aware of What’s True and What’s Not about this whole pandemic crisis.

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  1. Tanish says:

    Nicely written article, bringing out thebasic differences between the two. Some more details or facts can be added tomake it one in all.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment. I’ll definitely take your suggestion and add it to my research!?

  2. My late Dad, an Ex-IAF fight combatant and the first batch of NSG Commando Trainers, taught me a few survival tricks quite early in my life. These tricks works everywhere. As most of us might know, the para-commandos are trained to survive deep behind enemy lines, in totally inhospitable terrains, usually marshy or sandy or mountaineious, frequently jungles – with hardly any protection or medicine or food, as we know.

    Enemy soldiers, guns, bullets are least of their worries, it is the nature, the wild, the pathogens – these things bother them more than anything else, surviving the thankless unidentifiable enemy comes second nature to them – and my dad used to train young recruits to do exactly that… so below was his advise for protection against viruses, germs etc..

    1) Gargle with salt water – atlest 3-4 times a day.
    2) Ensure atleast 0.2gms of Vit-C intake everyday – this could be equal to two oranges, one guavava, or one drumstick – just wash and chew them – no need to cook (if you cannot).
    3) If possible, inhale hot-steam – twice a day.

    – Remember, viruses attack the body in a typical and stage-wise manner – always..
    – They will first get inside through the ENT area, there they meet our first line of body defence so it takes them 2-3 days to break our front-line defences down.
    – Then they move to the throat area and thats when the throat pain, swelling and coughing with mucus develops
    – Finally, they come further down and imact the lungs area, at this stage the breathing difficulty and extreme complications develops – left untreated caused death.
    They symptoms also develop accordingly in a staged manner.

    So, even if you catch the virus – the disciplined Gargling and Steam-Inhalation would definitely destroy within the 2-3 days period, before they progress to the next stage, wherease the Vit-C will keep helping the body create new soldiers – who will fight and kill the residual viruses, as well strenghten the body..

    This is not rocket science, but one must maintain the preventive – discipline, in order not to get into the curative stages.

    Trust me, our entire family consisting of my mother, sisters and myself and later my own family – have never, even once reported sick with flu, it is not that we did not catch various viruses, but that was because we adopted the regime only after it started showing initial infection. Now, with ever change of season – we do these steps daily – without fail.

    And my Dad – in his entire 37 years of service – not even once did he report sick. … can you believe it?

    That is the type of training our Commandoes get – and I believe, it is high time India should immediately start compulsory military training starting with physical welbeing training. This lock-down period, with millions of people stuck inside shelters and homes, can be so creatively utilized to train and drill in military discipline.

    There are plenty of trained Para-Military people available across India and their services can be requisitioned for the greater good of the nation.

    I wish all the best to all, lets us all fight out Covid-19 and come out victorious – as a nation… JAI HIND.

    1. Hey, Thanks for the comment. It is highly informative. I guess these practices should be made a regular part of our lives not just to protect against viruses but as a measure towards personal hygiene too.
      I do these things myself every other day but cheers to you and your dad for bringing this to me. I’ll be more regular at it.

  3. Sushil choudhary says:

    Good information

    1. Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it!

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