I Tried a VERY Flexible Intermittent Fasting With Not-So-Healthy Food Choices.

Well, one would never imagine experimenting with diets (because even to think about beginning one is HAAARRD) and yet include unhealthy food options. That’s nuts. But here I am, being one for science (not really for science though. Just being one.)

So, before we start on me being “nutty”, read my blog on Intermittent fasting if you don’t know what it actually is (but how can you not?): How Good is it to Skip Breakfast?

Anyway, I did what is supposed to be a really cool experiment to know if I would actually have any effect (positive or negative) on my body if I didn’t really stick to my “healthy eating” habits. Here were some of the rules I followed:

  • Checking my weight was off the charts because that’s something I don’t really do or support. (The mirror gotcha!)
  • I listened to my body and ate whatever the heck it wanted. No food group was limited. So, I ate sugar (a lot of it), fried stuff, and packaged food.
  • I did a 20 hour fast and my feeding window was limited to 4 hours. (could’ve chosen 16 or 18 hours fast, but I am just paranoid like that.)
  • I was NOT super strict with my timings. I just made sure I am fasting for 20 hours and that’s that. It’s probably not even intermittent at this point but…20 hours is not that easy so I’ll take some credit for that.
  • I didn’t go to the gym because…broken back (and that’s probably why I got this crazy idea too.)
  • I didn’t count calories or macros (because I don’t really do that otherwise either.)
  • I am not mentioning what I ate, because really the challenge was to eat whatever the hell but mostly because you wouldn’t wanna know my weird food combos.

A brief of was I able to do it? (Apparently yes, because that’s why I am writing about it!)

Intermittent Fasting

I began fasting as soon as the month began (because I can’t contain myself), and this report card looks pretty great. But…

Intermittent Fasting 1

I fuck*d up once.

Day 1: March 1- March 2

Day 1 Intermittent Fasting

Day 1 was pretty okay. In the spirit of this experiment, I began with McDonald’s…which went too far when I ate two dozens chocolate and peanut butter cookies too. I am not really okay with milk, so I felt what I had to, but surprisingly, I was not even bloated the next day.

Day 2: March 2- March 3

Day 2 Intermittent Fasting

On day 2, I ended my fast at 11 a.m. and ate at every half an hour interval. But, I was stuffed (and over-confident) by 2 p.m, so I started the fast an hour earlier.

Day 3: March 3- March 4

Day 3 Intermittent Fasting

I knew my over-confidence is escalating AF when my fast was exceeded by an hour. But, it soon deflated when I stretched my feeding window by 2 hours (balance, ya know?)

Day 4: March 4- March 5

Day 4 Intermittent Fasting

Honestly, at this stage, I was super excited because not only was I sticking to my junk food diet (super easy!), I was going strong with my fasting too. I was pretty satisfied because I had no cravings and that’s what made me go so long. I promise this is the ONLY diet I have stuck to for so long.

Day 5: March5- March 6

Day 5 Intermittent Fasting

I ended my diet really late the previous day, because…no self-control, but I completed my 20 hours fast (probably because of the magical powers vested in me.)

Day 6: March 6- March 7

Day 7 Intermittent Fasting

Yup, I blew this one up.

Day 7: March 7- March 8

Day 6 Intermittent Fasting

But whatever, I didn’t really lose hope the next day.

The Actual Results:

Probably at this point, you might be wondering why did I even do this stupid challenge and how does it even make sense. But it does and let me explain,

  • Not even once did I feel bloated or uncomfortable and I am the sort of person who CAN’T really deal with a dietary shift. So this experiment is great for someone who wants to have a cake and eat it too. Literally. Eat the cake.
  • I didn’t really feel I gained any weight. I haven’t used a weighing scale for so long, but the mirror doesn’t lie.
  • I feel this is great for someone who wants to maintain his/her weight and believes in YOLO.
  • I know all this might seem really confusing with all the math involved in calculating hours and minutes and finding the right balance; it’s pretty exhausting, won’t deny. And, TBH, that’s the most frustrating part about being FLEXIBLE. Every coin has two sides, duh.
  • Intermittent in all forms, I hail.

Is it all worth it? Umm…any sane person would still not do it. So NO. But if you love to experiment like I do (…which is so weird, I can’t even,) then probably. Yes.

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