6 Ways You Can Make Sticking To Healthy Eating Habits Easy

healthy eating

All of us want to live a healthy and long life and we commit to advancing towards it too–by the promises made to ourselves to stick to healthy eating and exercising regularly (like we did a million times before!) Yet, it is challenging to stick to it for more than a couple of days.

Following a 7-day cleanse seems easier than following a healthy diet the whole year. And the question is, how do we stick to the healthy eating patterns even after our motivation fades away?

No, it is not impossible and yes, there are tricks for healthy eating that will require some investment before you begin your transformation journey! However, it is worth it all in the end.

Here’s how you can make your culinary habits more healthy easily and stick to it when it comes to healthy eating (for most of the time, at least!)

Write Down Your Definition Of Health

healthy eating

And that’s because health is a variable constant and can mean different things to different people. For some, it could be to be able to run a marathon. For others, it’s just getting a 30-minute walk per day.

Having a clear picture in your mind about your health preferences, especially when it comes to healthy eating, would make it easier for you to stick to it.

Another approach is to write down your goals based on how it will make you feel as opposed to what you will be able to do. For most of us, we want to feel amazing at all times and all we need is a reminder of how it will make us feel after we smash our goals.

While you are on this, allow yourself to be flexible. Be forgiving if you couldn’t complete all the 10 goals you have written down for yourself. Start slow.

Use One-Step-At-A-Time Approach

healthy eating

Ok, now it is quite normal that we go berzerk with our healthy eating goals and write down a hundred things we want to improve. This might be a little daunting and a lot more overwhelming when you realize it is not even realistic.

Instead, consider making small changes towards healthy eating. Take one step at a time because having a few good habits would add up in the end.

Interestingly, scientists use a term called, ‘chunking’ that uses the process of breaking down bigger tasks into smaller ones. Not only does this approach makes it sustainable to stick to our goals, but you can achieve and retain those healthy eating habits for much longer.

Here is a list of a few ayurvedic-approved changes that you can make in your life for being a better version of yourself.

Planning Is Important

healthy eating

If you are looking to incorporate more veggies and salads to your diet, know that it won’t pop up in your fridge from nowhere. You have to set some time aside to plan what you want and how you want to include it in your diet.

This calls for being creative, experimenting and meal prepping.

Be Accountable To Yourself

healthy eating

And the only way to do that is when you REALLY want to change for good.

Once you are done with making a plan, make some strategies that will help you stay accountable in case you falter. The most essential part here is being honest and true to yourself. But a little external stimulus:

  • Plan a weekly check-in with yourself. All you need is a calendar.
  • Fill in the pages of your health journal.
  • Everyone likes a reward. Develop a rewarding system to stay motivated.

Phone A Friend

healthy eating

While health is very subjective it does not mean that you have to work towards it alone. Everyone needs a little cheering once in a while to stay on track (especially when it is something as tough as healthy eating!)

Ask a friend or family member to help you stay accountable. It is so much easier when you share the load. Besides, anyone would thrive on a little group-wisdom on each other’s progress, triumphs, and challenges.

Makes sure that the one you choose would help you push towards your goals rather than drag you down.

Add Fun Elements

healthy eating

We all are here to enjoy this process and not nag about it. The one who sees the greener grass more often while accepting this challenge is more likely to pass with flying colors.

Figure how you can make it more fun and enjoyable for yourself. You can:

  • Research on your favorite recipes.
  • Lookup for healthier swaps for your favorite foods. Like this list of amazing dairy alternatives for baking.
  • Follow some healthy blogs.
  • Hide healthier items (that you probably don’t like!) in your recipes. For instance, this Vegan Zucchini Bread that’ll make you save 100 calories!
  • Follow what’s trending and share a snap with your friends!
  • Make it easy. And by “easy”, I mean these ‘3-Ingredients-Desserts‘ easy.

So if you got the gist of it, I am pretty sure you won’t find it tough to stick to eating healthy from now on.

healthy eating
A little Donald Trump assurance for y’all.

And know that you will want to give up every now and then, but don’t be too hard on yourself; ditch the guilt, and move on.

(Want to stop feeling guilty about poorer choices on food? Read how you can Ditch the Guilt.)

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