How Not To Let Quarantine Be An Excuse To Text Your Ex ft. Establishing A Daily Routine

Now, this title is not off-topic, whatsoever. And I’m going to explain to you how.

Establishing a routine, yes, can be pretty delirious for most of us. To cope with stress (for example, right now,) we often plunge into maladaptive behaviors (that explains the “texting-your-ex” part.) It is easy to get transported away from the reality where our mind feels a bit safer, ‘adventurous’ even, at least “temporarily”. The most common ways:

  • Mindless scrolling on social media.
  • Ruminating over the past.
  • Over-thinking about the future.
  • Making plans we won’t keep.
  • Setting unrealistic goals that we aren’t likely to follow.
  • Binge eating/drinking.
  • Procrastination

The Challenges

Establishing a daily routine is not for the weak. When our behavior or thought process is repeated over and over again, our bodies adapt to it and it turns to a habit.

You must feel worried when you allow these “adaptive mechanisms” to make decisions for us where we need a bit more forethought–costing us emotional well-being and happiness.

‘Change’ is just another word for being uncomfortable, especially when your brain and body would resist it. It is simply because you are working against what you have learned previously. It is, therefore, imperative to develop a flexible mindset.

Change v/s Establishment

This whole idea might seem a little oxymoron-ish because establishing a fixed daily routine is similar to giving up the idea of change. But it is not.

First of all, establishing a routine means ‘changing’ your previous bad habits and slowly stationing yourself into new ones. Second of all, flexibility can still be maintained.

The important part is to be capable enough to do it. The next important–finding the time (that we all have a little too much these days.)

How To Establish A Daily Routine

Without beating around the bush, I found a colorful infographic would do it good than explaining it in black and white.


That’s it, folks! Don’t text your ex.

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