Has India Been Eating Organic All Along?

The organic trend that has knocked on every door in the globe is quite a posh conversation, to begin with.

Organic Food

With an increase in consciousness about health, the Indian food market has adopted the organic lifestyle, however, the increasing trend has also led to increased misconceptions. For example, organic has been used to define the hygienic aspect rather than a product in itself. Any step for an organic product at the end of our forks ought to acquire a more holistic approach that begins right on the farm. The challenges that come with it can be taken over by a scientific strategy, public responsibility, and convenient government support.

Organic Farming

Looking at the population of the country, even if the products have not entirely been organic, they have surely been simpler. The Green Revolution shook Indian farms during the 60s which steered the introduction of modern synthetic fertilizers, better production of seed quality that was genetically engineered and brand new techniques of farming. The increase in food production, which was also the need of the hour, was resolute. However, in a matter of time, the whole system had begun to be polluted. The modifications led to severe disabilities and with the overuse of chemicals, the lands which once produced bountifully, became barren.

From the farmer’s perspective, organic farming is not an easy deal and is rather an expensive task. Affordability has constantly been a wet blanket for the normalized farmers. On the other hand, bringing synthetic methods to use abruptly reduce the cost and efforts. Ethical farming might be hard on pockets for the farmers. The farmers who are producing organic products use natural fertilizers like animal compost which might be cost-effective but yet they are not removed from other difficulties that come their way. Besides being a tiresome process and showcasing slow results, the post-produce period is grim too. The storage method is something that strikes hard on the farmers.

Organic Produce

Although the organic industry, being reserved for the elite, caters to only a certain demographics, the increased awareness and E-commerce has led to its evolvement and growth. There is no doubt that the organic products in India have clearly marked their niche.


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