If You Are Confused About The Keto Diet, This Is For You.

The ketogenic diet has been having the time of its life. Many experts claim that it has been proven to reduce inflammation in the brain (..because, brain dead) and reduce diabetes because it practically does not have carb or sugars.

The low carb diet may sound easy, but that doesn’t mean you can gorge on french fries. It specifically focuses on the good kinda fat (does a thing like that even exist?) and protein, of course.

So, this diet seems to be smashing the fear of eating fatty foods (the good ones ONLY) to lose weight. Let me tell you, in some technical and not-so-technical terms that how this diet would turn you into a fat-burning machine.

How The Hell Should I Believe That Eating Fats Would Burn Fat?

To be honest, I was extremely skeptical about it too and I didn’t really know what to expect. Explaining this diet is pretty science-y but I’ve kept it low.

Basically, consider our brain like a car that needs fuel (in human terms: glucose and ketones) to perform. When we deny ourselves glucose, it switches to ketones. When we eat, carbs convert to glucose while fats convert to fatty acids, and later to ketones.

The goal of a ketogenic diet is to use more ketones for functioning. That can happen in two ways:

  • Deny the body glucose.
  • Increase fatty acid or ketones.

Seems simple, right? But there’s a bit more logic who really wants to get inside. (You can really skip it!)

Level 2 Science: During the ketosis stage, obviously, you are not producing or utilizing glucose. There is a decrease in protein breakdown too. Hence, the body uses already stored fat which your normal “low-fat diet” can’t really promise. So, keep those muscles and lose that fat.


TBH, now you might be thinking why didn’t I just skip!!!!! Science is not that easy, kid, but then, I am not even a doctor.

How Long Till You See Any Difference?

Hold your horse kid, because the one with the most fat loses it quicker. That’s like the universal truth for any diet. But, you can expect the results in 18-24 weeks. So, don’t give up even if you are not 100 percent sure about this diet.

Coming Straight to the Benefits…

  • The cornerstone of this diet is to deny carbs, which equals to no sugar. It’s basically a sugar detox then. Bye, diabetes.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits for the brain. Whatever that means. (Google it.)
  • Obviously, fat loss.
  • Low LDL and high HDL
  • May starve the cancer cells (…because even they can’t do without sugar, really.)

Nah, It’s Too Good To Be True!

Okay, fine, it also has some loopholes.

  • No carb also means no fiber. You know you are inviting bloating. So eat your greens while you are on this diet or fiber supplements.
  • “Keto flu” is a thing. All the symptoms include headaches, nausea, upset stomach, bad breath, brain fog, and fatigue. But luckily for some people, you may not have it at all.
  • You might feel sluggish because you are denying yourself carbs. So your hot yoga class or HIIT might suffer a bit

Is it safe?

TBH, I find it a bit extreme. It is definitely not all that good for you because it involves restricting food groups.

But If You Made It Till Here… You Would Wanna Know How To Do It?

Fat: 60-70 percent of your diet must include the “right” kinda fat like avocado, nuts, coconut oil, etc.

Protein: Limit your protein to 15-30 percent. You can have meat and fish or fish oil.

Carbs: This is where you need to focus the most. It must not increase 10 percent of your diet.

What Does the Ketosis Stage Feel Like?

Not good, first of all. In addition to this, you will have to stick to at least 14 days, (No cheating) to reach a state of ketosis. Why is it not good because your breath is going to stink. The science behind it- acetone, which is a by0product of excess fat intake.

You can even get yourself tested to know for sure.

Very Important: Can I Drink?

Yes. Duh. Water. Other than this, you can have coffee or herbal tea.

As for alcohol, nope. When is it even allowed in any diet?


Probably after reading this, you would have changed your mind about trying this diet. I must, therefore, rest it here.

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