10 Keto Ingredients To Swear By: Easy Keto Foods

Love for the ketogenic diet has been going strong because the internet is full of keto ingredients and easy keto recipes to snack on! Following any diet, especially if it is as particular as the keto diet, can be made pretty easy with some easy organization hacks. Organize your pantry with some keto-approved ingredients, probably some keto snacks too (to munch on while you cook!) that will help you make your favorite keto recipes from scratch and in no time.

keto ingredients

Meal prep would never be a burden once you decide and plan your keto meals. Although veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, meat, etc are the cornerstones of a keto diet, here are some keto ingredients that you just got to have to add that missing flavor (and nutrients) to your keto meals. They are nourishing, fueling, and extremely tempting too.


keto ingredients

Ghee is made using milk yet is free from lactose. Isn’t that amazing? The milk proteins and solids are eliminated from the butter to make this flavorful and extremly healthy alternative that we call ghee. The beenfits of ghee are amazing. It is rich in healthy fats that help reduce heart diseases, supports a healthy gut functionung and let you reach your weiht loss goals!

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How to Use: Ghee is best used for sauteing or roasting. You can add ghee in various kinds of spreads (keto cocoa and ghee spread!), in homemade keto bread and dairy-free elixirs. Eating it straight out of the jar is pretty great too.

You can try ghee as a dairy free alternative for baking.

Here are some of my suggestions for using ghee:

Homemade Hack: You can also learn how to make your own homemade ghee recipe. It is not only super easy but will save you some money too. Try infusing it with some herbs and spices, for instance, garlic, ginger, parsley, chives, or turmeric, to give it some extra punch.

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I found this amazing ghee or clarified butter recipe for you to try making your own homemade ghee butter:

Coconut Oil

keto ingredients

One of the best keto ingredients is this tropical goodness is full of slightly sweet flavors with some really great health benefits. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. The fatty chains that are present in this oil are easy to absorb by our body, digest, and used for energy. Moreover, it is also great for skin and hair so if you are looking for some DIY beauty care, coconut oil is your ideal keto ingredient to moisturize.

How to Use: Using coconut oil is very easy because it is one of the more flexible keto ingredients on the shelf. Like ghee, it can be used for baking, smoothies, used in oats, and dairy-free elixirs. You can stir fry your veggies in coconut oil to add a little coconut flavor to them.

Tip: Try and get your hands on organic, unrefined coconut oil if possible.

Coconut Flour

keto ingredients

Coconut flour is great if you are looking for some extra fiber and protein in your gluten-free keto recipes. It is not only nutrient-dense but one of the most perfect filling keto ingredients too.

How to Use: Coconut flour is great for making keto snacks and other keto recipes because it soaks up a lot of water/other liquid. It is best used in keto baking like pancakes, cookies, waffles, or pie crust. Use it as breading for meat or fish or other no-bake keto recipes like keto fat bombs.

Homemade Hack: You can try and experiment with making your own homemade coconut flour. The best part is, it would be unprocessed and have a lot of nutrients than the store-bought one. Also, pretty inexpensive.

Almond Flour

keto ingredients

Like coconut flour, almond flour serves as a great gluten-free and grain-free alternative for your keto recipes. It promises to add protein, fiber, and an amazing vibrant flavor to your keto diet.

How to Use: Almond flour is extremely easy to use. You can add it to any baked keto snack or keto desserts like cookies, cakes, muffins, pastry, crusts, pancakes (and the list can, honestly, go on and on) with other keto ingredients.

Homemade Hack: Almond flour is extremely easy to be made at home. Just take some raw almonds, grind them into fine flour, and voila! You can also save some almond pulp if you make almond milk at home and grind it into almond flour.

Meanwhile, if you have never made almond milk at home, here’s a detailed guide of how to give making nut or seed milk at home a shot.


keto ingredients

We all love peanut butter and it is one of the best keto ingredients but tahini, made from sesame seeds, is a more cost-effective option as a keto snack and equally tasteful as peanut butter. Besides, sesame seeds are also rich in calcium.

How to Use: Tahini can be used just as you use any nut or seed butter. It can be used in smoothies, elixirs, or even in baked goods! It is a very popular dip in many Eastern countries and you can also slather it on your morning toast. Many also use it as a salad dressing.

Homemade Hack: Making Tahini is as easy as making peanut butter or almond butter (that is, if you have made one!) For homemade tahini spread, mix some roasted or raw sesame seeds in your blender or food processor and blend until the seeds release its oil and turn into a smooth and creamy paste. Toss in a pinch of salt or make it sweet by adding in some maple syrup or cinnamon. You can try adding some other keto ingredients for flavor and experiment.

You can choose some healthy sugar substitutes here.

Olive Oil

keto ingredients

Olive oil has been a super hit ingredient in the fitness industry because of its heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, antioxidant properties and it is anti-inflammatory. It is a great substitute for processed vegetable oils that are being used nowadays like, soy, corn, canola, safflower, cottonseed, etc. that pose severe health risks because of the kind of fats it contains.

How to Use: One can use olive for normal cooking like sauteing, in sauces, as a salad dressing, and even include it in various kinds of dips besides other keto ingredients.

Tip: Make sure you buy cold pressed and unrefined olive oil that is sold in a dark glass bottle if possible.


keto ingredients

Eggs are a great source for healthy fats, Vitamin D, and protein. They contain Vitamin B that helps enhance our mood and even aids in a night of better sleep.

How to Use: Incorporating eggs in your daily diet is super easy. It is one of the most easily accessible keto ingredients. You can eat them in many ways like boiled, poached, scrambled, half fried, omelet, etc. You can even add some boiled eggs to your salad or use them in keto baking recipes as a great keto snack option.

Tip: Seek for organic, free-range eggs if you can have a hold at them easily.


keto ingredients

If you are looking for better digestion, boosted immunity, and a mood enhancer, there is nothing better than fermented foods. Sauerkraut is one of them. Out of all the other keto ingredients, it is sure to give you a mouthful of zing (because it has a tangy and salty flavor!)

How to Use: Start by either having a tablespoon a day or as a side dish with your main meals.

Homemade Hack: Sauerkraut is rather the easiest thing to make at home and requires just three ingredients- cabbage, water, and salt.

Cacao Powder

keto ingredients

Raw cacao powder is probably one of the favorite keto ingredients for those who are following a keto diet because…desserts! Also because it is packed with antioxidants for better immunity, magnesium for better sleep, and iron to boost energy levels. So who wouldn’t want this delicious goodness?

Besides this, cocoa powder also contains the neurotransmitter called anandamide that is responsible for the feeling of joy and bliss (Interesting Fact: The name includes, ‘Ananda’ which means bliss in Sanskrit!) So, it is quite true that chocolate makes us happy. Well, more reasons to include some raw cocoa keto recipes into your diet.

How to Use: Cacao powder can be used as one of the keto ingredients especially when you are keto baking and making desserts using all keto ingredients. You can also add it in smoothies, chocolate spread, healthy elixirs, and hot chocolate on a rainy evening!

Homemade Hack: You can add raw cocoa in your homemade peanut butter/almond butter recipe for some more good fats and a delicious twist.

Bone Broth

keto ingredients

Bone broth is great not just as one of the keto ingredients but also when you are ever sick. That’s because it is rich in amino acids that support digestion, improves joint health, and reduces inflammation in the gut. It also contains essential micronutrients that support bone health and the nervous system.

It is a great slow cooker or instant pot keto recipe that used basic keto ingredients. However, it is always best to cook broths in big batches and store it in the fridge for meals.

How to Use: You can use broth in stews, soups, oats (to make them savory and flavorful!), one-pot recipes, or even sip it from a mug as your keto snack.

Homemade Hack: Although broths are easily available in the supermarket, it is best to make yours at home. You can use spare bones from your butcher or from the roasted carcass. For more benefits and to enhance the taste, you must consider adding vegetable shavings to your broth.

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