Vegan Zucchini Bread That’ll Save You 100 Calories!

Vegan and without artificial sweeteners, this zucchini bread cuts back on fat, cholesterol and complicated ingredients. This bread is full of zucchini, more than the typical recipe, but this is what makes it healthier yet flavorful.

The Diet Trends That Have Caught On In 2020

In case, weight loss has been on your radar for this season (and shackled by coronavirus pandemic) chances are that you might have searched about the season’s trending diets.

The Stages Your Body Go Through When You Fast

It’s not for me to emphasize the value of a properly performed fast and what it can do to your body, mind, and soul (considering I ventured on a similar path myself a few days ago during the lockdown.) This path speaks for itself.

Learn More About The Benefits of Turmeric During the Quarantine

There has been no better time than NOW, to educate yourself on your own health and I don’t see the reason why you must not experiment with certain dietary additions (and subtractions!) while many of us are trying to spend time cooking for themselves!