Things That Are “In” in 2020

Each decade has seen its own twists and turns and when it comes to the health industry, optimum health has never been given more importance now than the previous years. And you know it because you have dug your fingers in the important trends like Fitbits, bougie supplements (a.k.a gummy vitamins) and all sorts of Yoga trends.

And that’s probably because we’re the most stressed generation than our ancestors! Isn’t that a perfect mocktail of work and social life? (also, I used ‘mock’tail on purpose)

SoulCycle, Zumba, Pilates are all western concepts that have taken a seat back, and they’re probably chilled too because it is the East that has taken upon itself to revolutionize the health and fitness industry with its holistic approach.

Of course, then, all the trends that were there since a million years ago, have made it back to the beginning of the new decade. (And we hope that it is here to stay!)

Active Recovery (Must be Followed Actively)

When it comes to working out, recovering has had such a bad reputation. People either do not understand the benefits of it or are just too cool for it. This year, people seem to have gotten smarter and instead of sitting on the couch and watching TLC, they have got it into their lives too. Cryotherapy (might’ve never even heard that such a practice exists!), Acupuncture (Ah, we all know this one) and Stretching (Yoga, duh), have been such an influence for the much-needed recovery after an intense HIIT workout.

With a lot of options to pick from and the skinny Instagram models practicing it (that’s a motivation enough), this year is about foam rolling, stretching, massage (and dozing off in the session, if you please) and spas. (Don’t forget your scented candles, though.)

Alcohol-Free Drinks and Bars

Anniversaries. Happy Hours. TGIF. Bingers. Wine Tasting. 5k Beer Marathon. Rose all day. Beer Fests. BBQ Weekend. Your Birthday. Your Kid’s Birthday (with alcohol for adults). Christmas. New Year. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Basically, Society.

Did I miss any event where alcohol is the necessary evil?

But suddenly the Millenials have decided to cut back on alcohol, except in their hair and skin products. Most of you must feel that cutting back on alcohol or probably replacing it with a mocktail is almost the same as a decaf, which, by the way, is also trending now.

Long story short: It’s all about kombucha and kefirs now.

At-Home Workouts ( Introvert Edition)

With premium (and super-expensive) workout stations and growing resistance to leaving the home ever, home workouts are proving to be a blessing in disguise. Every other fitness celeb has made it sure to have their own personalized at-home workout schedule because of the trend catching up.

What’s not good about this trend? You can work conveniently without being self-conscious (…and no shame), it’s safe, it’s inexpensive, it follows no schedule… and it’s pet approved.

Your purrfect workout partner, hoomanz.


You probably won’t believe if terms like ‘miracle’ are worth using in a gym or when you are trying to lose weight. It doesn’t really happen and gets thrown around like that 2-pound dumbells. However, the experts (..really just the Instagram fitness celebs,) haven’t tired themselves out by endorsing HIIT workouts which is pretty ‘miraculous’. You can do it anywhere, and that’ what the best part about it. It doesn’t require any equipment (a.k.a savings. Bonus points on that one.) And it will just tire the sh*t out of you.

Well, Wellness Retreats

There was a time when holidays and vacations were about overindulgence (and guilt when you finally came back to your senses). It seems like the Millenials are now more aware of their relaxing choices and are seeking to nurture and rejuvenate their mind and body. Actually.

Body scrubs. Bathing salts. Epsom salt. Bubble bath. Clay Massage. (this list has at least 200 more things, but you got the gist) are all to be focused on this year. Happy soaking, I guess.

A Shift to Plant-Based Eating

Veganism. Vegetarianism. Tofu. Salad. Meat-replacements. Fake Meats. Go Green. These are the exact terms that are spreading like a wildfire. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all vegan, but it isn’t your New Year’s resolution either. The trend is here to stay because it is like mother nature trying to sneak veggies into your meals. So you know you won’t get any treats if you don’t finish your greens.

Cauliflower rice. Avocado toasts. Green smoothies. Zucchini noodles. I hate to break it to the veggie haters, but it is a plant-based world, and we’re just living in it.

Time to Think Conscious

2020 has already seen enough of its share of how the environment can be a total b*tch and so people are making conscious efforts to implement environment-friendly tweaks in their lives. Things like Farmer’s market, Organic farming, and Whole Food shops are regaining their lost eminence.

Time to think environment. Time to think local.

More of CBD

Before I begin with this, it might have ‘cannabi’ right in its name, but it is non-intoxicating and there’s no point sniffing it either. It is, however, still the one called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant. CBD products have been an instant hit in the wellness industry and even though it won’t get you trippy, this trend is here to stay because of its innumerable benefits. It relieves pain, reduces acne, protects from neurological disorders, and reduces anxiety and depression (haha, YAS.)

Soul Nurturing

How many times in the past few years have we heard about this term? It’s quite a lot, isn’t it? While we haven’t really been kind to many since forever, 2020 is all about being kind to ourselves. At least. So this decade, fitness has shifted its focus from the gym to spiritual classes. It’s all about being an all-rounder these days.

Breathe. Meditate. Stretch. Hydrate.

Well, that’s a wrap to the tarot card reading of the health and fitness industry for 2020.

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