What’s True and What’s Not: The Coronavirus Edition

Recently, the WHO termed the Coronavirus as a pandemic, and this title comes with a lot of responsibility. It is, therefore, important to know what’s true and what’s not to avoid any trepidation among people.

False or Not: There is a cure for Coronavirus in the guise of a vaccine.


True: As for now, no. I recently wrote about why it would take a vaccine a long time to develop. Check it out here: Why are You Likely to Develop the Corona Virus?

False or Not? Gargling with bleach, salt water, ethanol or essential oils would help evade the virus.


True: Ok, WHAAAT? Not only are these DIYs a bit uncanny but dangerous too. The ONLY best way to protect yourself is by washing your hands with soap frequently and avoiding close contact with people.

False or Not? Spreading the virus was a deliberate attempt by people.


True: The only way the virus could spread is by the means of animals such as pig, bat, and other birds. And this is exactly how the new virus spread too.

False of Not? Ordering products from China or even eating Chinese food would make you sick.


True: Many people have stopped ordering products or even eating Chinese food because of the terror. And, of course, false information going viral on social media. As a matter of fact, the virus can not live for more than 14 hours on surfaces. And I know of no transporting services that would deliver your package that quick.

False or Not? The face mask would protect you 100% from the virus.


True: Many people have started hoarding products which include face masks to protect themselves. This has led to the prices of the masks to shoot up abruptly.

But it is only the tight fitted masks that can protect and which are used by the professionals to look after the already infected.

For common people, wearing lightweight masks is not all that beneficial. Such masks do not protect from the tiny droplets that might seep in through. In addition to this, touching the face after touching the mask dissolves the purpose in the first place.

Wearing the mask is great for people who are already suffering from respiratory illnesses. Them wearing it would decrease the chance of infecting others. Stocking masks makes the people who actually need it deprived.

If you still haven’t read about how to spot the Coronavirus and to what extent should you be worried about it, give my article a good read: Should You Be Worried About The Symptoms Of Corona Virus?

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    A lot of awareness is needed to stay out of the clutches of Corona Virus. Your article(s) are helpful.

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